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Towing and roadside assistance whenever you need it!  We never close, in fact we've been open continuously since 1978 serving the locals and visitors of Southern Nevada.

Our vehicles are digitally dispatched, usually within minutes of your call or click.  You can be sure of prompt and professional service when you trust us for your towing and road service needs. 

All of our personnel are routinely screened for alcohol and drug abuse.  We also closely monitor their performance both on and off the road.  Our trucks have AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) technology built in.  This helps us insure that our service vehicles arrive quickly to your location and take optimal routes.  

Our prices are competitive and regulated by the State of Nevada Public Utilities Commission. Generally speaking, services are cheaper Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm (excluding holidays).  But if you need us at 2am, we'll be there with a smile and give you the service you deserve.

When you see someone drive-up in City Wide Towing vehicle, either service or towing, the work will be done quickly and competently.  We only hire the best, the rest work for the other guys!



Do you have an unwanted vehicle removed from your property?  City Wide Towing's Tow Away Services can probably help.  Please read the following for additional information or just give us a call.

Unwanted vehicle that you own. - If you have a clear title on an unwanted vehicle (running or not), we'll pickup the unwanted vehicle including the signed-off title at no cost.

Improperly parked or abandoned vehicle on your property. - If you are a property owner or the property owners designated agent and have a posted City Wide Towing Tow-Away sign, give us a call.  We'll dispatch one of tow trucks to impound the vehicle and store it in our secure impound facility.  If you don't have City Wide Towing tow-away signs posted on your property, we'll drop off some your at no-charge. Several types are generally available from No Parking, Authorized Only, Permit Parking, etc.  Please call for details.

 The removal of vehicles is regulated by Nevada Revised Statue number 487.038. Click here for more information.  If you have further questions, please give us a call.



You'll get great emergency roadside assistance day and night.  Jump starts, tire installations, and fuel delivery are just a few of the services we provide.  Call us at 702-649-2305 and we'll be happy to get you on your way as soon as possible.



City Wide Towing can also provide short of long term storage for nearly any type of vehicle.  Covered parking (indoor and outdoor) and open parking are available.  We also have 24x7 video surveillance.  Call us for more details and pricing.  



If your vehicle was towed or impounded at the direction of the North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada Highway Patrol or was illegally parked, we may have your vehicle in our storage facility.  You can call us anytime (702) 649-2305 and we will be happy to see if we have your vehicle.

To help us determine if we have your vehicle and to insure accuracy, please have some of all of the following information quickly available.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • License plate number

  • Make, Model, Color and Year

  • From where and when the vehicle was towed

If we have your vehicle, please come to our offices at 2306 Crestline Loop and pickup your vehicle as soon as possible.  It is almost always cheaper to pick up the vehicle sooner than later.  Call first and verify the amount of the changes and bring the exact amount in cash only.

If your vehicle was towed at the direction of a police department or other authority there may be a HOLD on the vehicle.  HOLDs must be cleared from the issuing entity before the vehicle is released.  For example, if North Las Vegas Police Department placed a hold on vehicle you must get a written release from the North Las Vegas Police Department before we can release the vehicle to you. 

To pick up your vehicle you must have proof that you are the LEGAL or REGISTERED owner of the vehicle.  That is normally proved by your providing the TITLE or a CURRENT REGISTRATION.  If the legal or registered owner is unable to come in person to release the vehicle a NOTARIZED letter of permission and proof of that persons ownership (LEGAL or REGISTERED) is acceptable.